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The lettering is cut deeply into the solid stone using grit blasting cabinet the use of this high pressure equipment results in deeply cut lettering and designs. The layout and art work are created on computer. A stencil is then cut using a laser. Font size- spacing of the fonts is therefore completely flexible. The quality and variety of the artwork is only limited by the imagination of the client. The lettering and any art work being deeply cut into the stone, making the designs and lettering "stand- out" - it has depth, shape and shadow. This type of sign will still be legible after decades of outdoor weathering.

The advantages of laser engraving over conventional mechanical engraving is that laser engraving and marking include speed, cost, accuracy, quality, repeatability, flexibility, quality of resolution, also curved surfaces can be accommodated. The process used to permanently etch items is Light Amplification by Stimulated Emission of Radiation.
LASER etching is the process of taking amplified light at a high intensity and using it on a computer controlled gantry system to etch images permanently into substrates. When the laser light hits a hard surface with high intensity, the light causes a small explosion of on the surface that is permanently indented into the surface of the material. This method of engraving cutting and etching is more Environmentally Friendly using far less power causing minimal pollution when compared to traditional forms of engraving and etching

We use both grit blasting and laser engraving so giving the best of both worlds. The letters are deeply cut into the stone using grit blasting while very delicate pattens can be etched onto the sign with a laser:
Less delicate designs can be either be laser etched or grit blasted. We are always happy and ready to discuss your personal requirements. The use of both methods allows total flexibility in the creation of signs and plaques:


If you do decide to buy a sign from another supplier please always check with them how they apply the Distance Selling Regulations September 2006 to their product or you could be out of pocket if the item is not as expected:

Under the Distance Selling Regulations September 2006 signs and personalised items are exempt and can't be returned. However, we believe in our product and therefore offer a full returns policy.
Further information regarding the Distance Selling Regulations September 2006 can be obtained by the following link below.



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