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Welcome to Spindrift Signs-by-Design Limited. Makers of Traditional Handmade Engraved Signs.

After many successful years based in North Northumberland, Spindrift Signs-by-Design has moved to the Market Town of Oswestry.

Oswestry is a vibrant and friendly town, with award winning markets, eclectic mix of independent shops as well as an interesting history.

Oswestry is said to be named after King and Saint Oswald of Northumbria, St Oswald’s Church is a centre piece of the town, which is located near to the Town Information Centre where there are ever changing programmes of exhibitions by local artists.

Sign making can be traced in its history back to before a written language was developed. The art of sign making since then.

Whether you are looking for Slate or Granite House Signs, House Name Plates, Number Plaques, Sandstone House Signs, or that special one off project sign or plaques, Spindrift Signs-by-Design can help you fulfil your requirements.

Sandstone house sign granite sign
Sandstone 400mm by 200mm Times Font £90
Granite 150mm by 150mm Times Font £15
slate sign
Granite 300mm by 150mm Times Font £40
Slate 300mm by 200mm Times Font £50
granite sign slate house sign
Granite 400mm by 300mm Times Font £80
Granite 300mm by 150mm Seabird Font £35
Grey Granite 300mm by 150mm Maiandra Font £40
Relief Carved Sandstone 300mm by 200mm £80
Large Free Standing Sign £104
Small Free Standing Sign £52


If you are unhappy with a sign or any other of our personalised products we offer a 7-day returns policy. The 7-day returns guarantee means that if you are unhappy with your purchase, you can return it to us in its original condition within 7 days of receipt and we will be happy to exchange it for an equivalent value product. This guarantee does not cover any mistakes made by the customer themselves when ordering.

Please note we use natural stone product and as such will have unique characteristics. Variations in colour, shading and texture could be experience between stone products. Textural difference could result in a small difference in the engraved depth, as some sections of the stone maybe denser than other parts. Where a bevel is applied the bevelled edge will follow the natural formation of the stone surface and therefore inconsistencies in depth may be present.


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